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Old English texts online


A number of Old English texts have been prepared for the internet. They range from the basic texts with no editorial apparatus, like the poetry texts from The Labyrinth, to the full editions offered by Lionarons of Wulfstan's Homilies, which include translations, notes and a glossary.

Labyrinth - Old English poetry etexts
Wulfstan's eschatological homilies, ed. by Joyce Tally Lionarons.
Ælfric's Letter to Brother Eadward, ed. by Mary Clayton.
Ælfric's Esther, Judith and The Maccabees, ed. by S. J. Lee.
Ælfric's translation of Genesis.
Online edition of the OE Riddles.
Peter Baker's Old English Aerobics anthology.
Murray McGillivray's Old English anthology.


Translations into Modern English.
In Parentheses - translations of a variety of OE texts.
Translation of Ælfric's De Falsis Diis.
Translation of Ælfric's De Temporibus Anni.

Scans of print editions

There are a large number of out-of-copyright print editions of Old English texts available either as .pdf files or as online readable "books".
Be aware that these are, of necessity, old editions, and the editorial matter in particular may have been superceded by more recent scholarships. The translations are also often very old fashioned and not entirely accurate.
Nonetheless, these provide easy access to texts and translations which can otherwise be hard to locate.

Ælfric's Lives of Saints (vol.1) ed. W.W. Skeat
Ælfric's Lives of Saints (vol.2) ed. W.W. Skeat
Ælfric's Catholic Homilies (vol.1) ed. B. Thorpe
Ælfric's Catholic Homilies (vol.2) ed. B. Thorpe
Ælfric's Grammar and Glossary ed. J. Zupitza (German edition)

The Alfredian Orosius ed. H. Sweet
The Alfredian Version of Gregory's Pastoral Care ed. H. Sweet
The Alfredian Boethius ed. M. F. Tupper

The Blickling Homilies ed. R. Morris

Eadwine's Canterbury Psalter (vol. 2) ed. F. Harsley
The Old English Rule of Chrodegang ed. A. S. Napier
The Oldest English Texts ed. H. Sweet (includes glosses and fragmentary texts)
Legends of the Holy Rood Tree ed. R. Morris (includes an anonymous OE homily on the Invention of the Cross)
Analecta Anglo-Saxonica ed. B. Thorpe (a miscellany including texts by Ælfric, gospel translations, and wills.)
Solomon and Saturn (poetry and prose versions) ed. J. M. Kemble